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Airdrie Consortium

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Do you wish there was more happening in your community?

Are you looking for a support group or want to try something new?

The consortium is a group of people from the NHS, Local Council, Voluntary Sector and the Local Community who all work together to encourage and support local people to become involved in their local community in a meaningful way at a grass roots level.


We are looking to help, encourage and support groups to get together to share information, relax and enjoy the company of others in the same situation, to talk openly about issues or else just get together to have some fun, learn something new or keep active. If you're 0 to 100 and have an idea for a support group or class but are not sure how to get it off the ground, just talk to Frances or Marc at North Lanarkshire and they will be happy to give you help and advice. Or if you just want to know what's already happening in your community give them a call on 01698 404055.


CCB&CS Platform

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Community Capacity Building and Carer Support Platform has been developed by Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire to meet all communication needs of all Localities as well as Thematics and build together better grounds for the Integration Programme. This platform is to enable everybody participating in the Integration Programme to effectively contribute towards achieving common goal which is integration of the Health and Social Care services in North Lanarkshire.

Community Connector

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Community Connector is a free online tool connecting people and the communities and providing them with tailored information at the source. Community Connector promotes and shares knowledge of local Training opportunities, Events and Resources making them available to the public at the local level. It promotes independence and routes to participation in existing services, but also improves links to one-off activities undertaken by the public, third and the independent sector in North Lanarkshire to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Community Connector is a integrated part of the CCB&CS Platform.

Community Connector


Motherwell Consortium

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Looking to try something new or want to keep active?

If you’re 18 to 100 and want to know what's happening in your area just talk to Frances or Marc at North Lanarkshire Carers Together on 01698 404055 and they'll be happy to tell you what's on in your community…

Why not talk to us today and we can tell you what's happening near where you live...

Activities in Motherwell in the last year have included:

• Dance Groups
• Art Group
• Cookery Groups
• Exercise Classes
• Health and Wellbeing
• Walking Football
• Computer Classes
• Learn to Use the Internet
• Creative Writing
• Befriending

Even if you live outside Motherwell give us a call on 01698 404055 and we can put you in touch with someone in your area.

Go on, call us today!


Volunteer Development

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Volunteering has three clear characteristics which must be present and respected in all cases: Volunteering is a free will activity. It must not be undertaken through coercion and under no circumstances can it be mandatory; It is not undertaken for financial gain. Outwith reasonable expenses there must be no financial transaction to encourage someone to volunteer; It is a public and civil good undertaken for the benefit of the community, society at large or an individual other than the volunteer.

The beauty of volunteering is that it can be what you want it to be. You don’t have to give up large chunks of your spare time, or make huge commitments – it may be that you have one or two hours per week that you want to offer. Or it may be you feel ready to give more time than that. Volunteering is a commitment, but ultimately can fit around your needs.

Who Volunteers?

The answer, really, is anyone who wants to and feels they have time to offer to a worthwhile cause in their community.

VANL has successfully helped thousands of people of ranging circumstances find one or more volunteering placement that suits their own individual requirements. Staff at VANL have worked with people from a variety of backgrounds to help them find a rewarding volunteering opportunity.  

The best thing is, you can volunteer too! Volunteering is one of the most inclusive activities in our community and it is open to anyone who wants to help out.

What Can You Do?

There is a wide and diverse range of volunteering opportunities available across North Lanarkshire

The opportunities available are provided by local volunteer-involving organisations and charities that recruit new helpers by contacting VANL.

For further information about the types of volunteering you can do, you can view a national database of volunteering opportunities online by visiting Volunteer Scotland (add link to search page with ML postcode)  

Why Do People Volunteer?

People volunteer for all kinds of reasons, both to help themselves and other people, In fact, most people who do volunteer achieve both of these things at the same time with great success.

Examples of why people volunteer include things like to use their spare time well, to help other people, to meet new people and to get involved in helping their community or simply just to gain another interest.

Some have more specific goals like to gain a new skill, to improve chances of gaining employment or entry into further education, while others volunteer because it is part of their values or beliefs.

Whatever the reason for first starting to volunteer, most who do volunteer soon find an added motivation to keep volunteering – the great enjoyment they gain from being involved and giving their time.

Where Can You Volunteer?

In North Lanarkshire, literally thousands of volunteering opportunities are available across all the towns and communities of the locality. Volunteering can take place in a variety of settings including schools, community centres, shops….it’s up to you. 

How Do You Get Involved?

A good first step, one which you may already have made, is to contact Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire if you wish to volunteer in your local area.

By doing this, you will have the chance to discuss the type of volunteering you might be interested in, what is available in your local area, and ask any questions about becoming involved in volunteering, with a Volunteer Development Adviser.

Remember, that all VANL staff are employed on the principle that they believe in the values of volunteering and that they will help you as much as they can.

From there your adviser can help you find a suitable volunteering placement in your local area that involves the kind of things you are interested in. You can also drop in and have a chat with one of our advisers at Wishaw or Airdrie office.